website development (and all the rest)

We live on the "digital fronteir".  We chose to be here 'cause we LIKE it.

This business is constantly evolving, blink and you'll miss a new innovation.  And that's why it's very hard to tie down exactly what we produce, and we simply refer to it as "digital stuff".

Yes, we build websites - but more than that we build complete solutions.  We look at your entire digital footprint and we produce "stuff" to support your position in this space.

  • Websites: From simple one-page sites to complex beasts - we custom builds that fit your business, rather than squeeze your business into template.
  • Mobile Apps: We specialise in "Hybrid Apps".  Where "Native Apps" are built for a certain device (iPhone) then need to be redeveloped for another (Android) - our apps are built to run accross multiple devices.
  • Intranets and Extranets: Allowing secure private access to members, clients or staff can be of immense value to a business - especially when you add automation of processes etc.
  • Ecommerce Solutions: For business transactions, we integrate shopping carts into banks and other payment gateways.  We also tie in other 3rd parties that are integral to doing business online - freight companies, accounting software etc.
  • Social Media: The "darling" of the internet - where would we be without her?  However, if you're not careful Social Media and other forms of electronic communication such as email marketing, can become a burden rather than a blessing!

Yes, we produce all this "stuff", but we also project manage it, liasise with other teams and suppliers, becuase the digital world is all about interaction.