all your digital stuff right here

As you place more reliance in the digital world - the foundations are going to support you in all your endevours.

As such, at Toledoh we are keenly aware that the systems we put in place for you need to support you in what you require now, but that can also grow with your needs as they expand.

We use a range of tools to power the unified offering that we provide. Nuts'n'Bolts is the name we refer to this collection of software, code and frameworks. It's totally customised to your requirements and delivers functionalty to your whole digital portfolio.

CMSB from is a core component of Nuts'n'Bolts. We have worked with CMSB since it was launched in 2007 and have have built a close relationship with who provide custom plugin development and API integrations. The result of this relationship can be seen in the delivery of core CMSB plugins such as the Newsletter, SMS, Forum, Twitter and Facebook plugins.

In return, we support and their clients from all over the world for front-end and user-interface cases. We were involved with the upgrade to CMSB3 and current projects are helping define the path for a very exciting growth in Hybrid App development.

Where most Content Management Systems are built for the masses - they follow a one-size-fits-all approach, Nuts'n'Bolts is built to be broken down and manipulated to fit the need. It offers a single solution to all your digital tasks: website, mobile apps, email marketing, commerce, accounts, extranets, CRM...

We don't work with WordPress

or Drupal, or Magneto, or SquareSpace or any of the other "website-builder" solutions.  There are a number of reasons why those solutions are most commonly discussed in the early stages of developing a website, and we have a number of reasons why we choose not to use them.

Feel free to ask us about;

  1. ease of use and administration
  2. ability to be customised
  3. scalability
  4. security
  5. speed
  6. flexibility
  7. ability to power apps
  8. costs (initial and ongoing)
  9. maintenance