Most often in discussing functionality and process, we refer to past projects not for their similarity in industry or demographic, but rather the similarity in the objective of the project or the flow of data and interaction.

Software Development

Referoo is a web-based application that streamlines the recruitment referencing processes. Starting with job candidates, Referoo automates workflow, communications and reporting for job referencing and integrates two-way data with 3rd Party applications such as LinkedIn and JobAdder.

Social Networking

Dear Molly is a social platform developed as a support network for women, delivering relationship tools, peer to peer messaging, chat rooms, blogs & forums. An algorithm mines the member profiles and activity, then automatically creates member to member introductions.

End-to-End Business Process Solutions

Farmgate is a backpackers hostel who host guests looking for rural work as part of their travel visa. The web-based application register enquiries via web forms, surveys potential guests on travel details as well as health and physical attributes for OH&S accreditation. Approved guests are invited to stay and the applications manages the bookings, invoices and, financial reporting as well as the allocation of guests to farm work on neighbouring farms and management of busses to get them to their destination and back each day.

Member-centric solutions

APSI are the authority that accredits Ski Instructors for work in Australia. The site manage the 10,000 plus members, their skill accreditation levels, and their ability to book and pay for training and exams, the online shop and freight calculations and fulfilment of orders. Customised reporting merged with inbuilt email marketing streamlines and co-ordinates the daily staff activities. Their mobile app is an interactive training manual and resource library with videos and instruction for on-the-job use.