an interactive business needs a dynamic team

To be experts in all areas of the digital world, we would either have to;

  1. Know a lot off stuff, have a huge number of staff, do an immense amount of research and charge astronomically to cover those costs or,
  2. Have a lot of mates.

Don't get us confussed with those companies with Department Heads and board room tables overlooking the city.  At Toledoh, we are a core team of separate businesses that form and separate as fluidly as the changing digital landscape dictates.

We have been working together and apart for more than a decade. We are Digital Consultants, and we are graphic designers, website developers, programmers, software developers, SEO experts, digital marketers and hosting suppliers.

We are not traditional.  It's a new world.

Tim Forrest

With almost 20 years on-the-ground experience in digital stuff, Tim has operated Toledoh since breaking away from the corporate mould in 2001. A prior life in the civil engineering / project management world and a passion for computing since his ZX Spectrum in 1982, Tim has an extensive view of the digital world and how businesses can participate in it.  

He's used this experience to work with a variety of clients and industries and to build long-lasting relationships.