The collaborative team approach

With team members spread throughout Australia and the world, it's common practice for projects to be being worked on 24hrs a day. Adept at time-zone management and screen sharing, our collaborative approach plugs in the required resources as and when they are needed.

Tim Forrest

has been working in the Internet / Digital space since 1991 performing a number of roles for government, multi-national and private businesses. He started Toledoh Enterprises in 2001 with aim of managing dynamic, project driven teams.


is the driving force behind the software, behind the projects. Owner of, Dave and Tim have been working together for over 13 years.


makes things happen. As lead programmer implementing the smarts and making systems talk to other systems, Greg is the one that makes Tim look organised.


can make the most boring and technical concepts leap from the screen with colour and life. With 20+ years industry experience Anita leads the creative direction with precision and poise.


is a wild and woolly beast, an uncontrollably creative catastrophe waiting to be unleashed on the next unsuspecting client. If you need something outside the box... take a seat.